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The Creative Curriculum for Preschoolers is our framework for planning and implementing a developmentally appropriate program. This play-based curriculum supports children as they acquire social skills and the skills needed to succeed as learners.

Our Preschool Programs (3-year-olds and 4-year-olds) are grounded in the philosophy that, for children of this age, hands-on experiences provide the best opportunities for learning. We encourage exploration and play in a variety of centers: Art; Writing; Library; Dramatic Play; Blocks; Discovery; and Math Manipulatives. Our experienced staff guide and encourage learning through a nurturing and safe atmosphere, meeting the needs of the whole child.

A designated time is set aside during the year for a parent/teacher conference. This will encourage further communication about your child’s progress. Teachers will share a portfolio at conference time; parents will receive the completed portfolio at the end of the year. Portfolio assessment is a tool to demonstrate your child’s progress throughout the year. The portfolio documents your child’s learning and growth using photographs, teacher observations, sample work, and special activities.


Each Day in our Preschool Program includes:
Meeting Time
We gather together to sing our Good Morning song, read a story, and talk about the activity choices for the day.

Choice Time
Children are encouraged to explore the rooms. Choices during this time may be made from any of the following interest areas: Art; Discovery; Toys and Games; Writing; Library; Dramatic Play; Blocks; Sand; Playdough; and Math Activities. These choices are available daily; props and materials vary to support the program goals and stimulate continued interest.

Bathroom and Snack
All children wash their hands and use the bathroom if needed. Once everyone has found a seat, we sing Grace together. This is an important time for conversation and socializing while enjoying our snack of the day. After snack, children will gather on the carpet for a group activity (story, song, movement, etc.)

Small Group Time
Everyone returns to the classrooms for small-group time. Teachers will present a variety of open-ended and teacher-led activities, such as science experiments, focused games, or the retelling of a story with props. These activities are planned for the purpose of introducing a new concept, further developing a specific skill, or allowing teachers time to observe the development of each child for future planning.

Outdoor Play
Our playground provides swings, slides, ladders, climbing structures, and sand. Outdoor time allows children to use the large muscles in their bodies. It also provides opportunities to observe changes in the natural world, including watching clouds, birds, insects and plants through the seasons. Children can prepare for outdoor activities by dressing appropriately for the weather; teachers encourage self-help skills.

Extended Day Option:
Children who stay for Extended Day will enjoy a lunch from home while socializing with friends and then have an opportunity to sleep.

Afternoon programming is child-directed, multi-aged, and ends with time on the playground, weather permitting.