Pre – K


The Creative Curriculum for Preschoolers is our framework for planning and implementing a developmentally appropriate program. This play-based curriculum supports children as they acquire social skills and the skills needed to succeed as learners.

Our Pre-K Program is grounded in the philosophy that, for children of this age, hands-on experiences provide the best opportunities for learning. We encourage exploration and play in a variety of centers: Art; Writing; Library; Dramatic Play; Blocks; Discovery; and Math Manipulatives. Our experienced staff guide and encourage learning through a nurturing and safe atmosphere, meeting the needs of the whole child.

A designated time is set aside during the year for a parent/teacher conference. This will encourage further communication about your child’s progress. Teachers will share a portfolio at conference time; parents will receive the completed portfolio at the end of the year. Portfolio assessment is a tool to demonstrate your child’s progress throughout the year. The portfolio documents your child’s learning and growth using photographs, teacher observations, sample work, and special activities.


Each Day in our Pre-K Program includes:

Meeting Time & Small-Group Work
We gather on the rug as a group. We will pick a leader for the day, and that child will lead our calendar time. Days of the week, months of the year, and the day’s weather will be our focus. Additional days may be used for language arts, math and science; activities may include cooking, stories, math games, and literacy activities. This time can be used for specific skill building and/or skill assessment.
Choice Time
Choices during this time may be made from any or all of the following interest areas: Blocks; Dramatic Play; Art Center; Library; Writing Center; Math Museum; Discovery; and Sand and Water. This time can be used for specific skill building and/or skill assessment.
Cleanup and Snack
Children learn self-help skills by cleaning up toys, sweeping the floor, wiping tables, washing brushes, etc. Children will go to Hannah Hall and set up the table for snack time. This is an important time for conversation; the ideas that emerge when children are relaxed and enjoying their food are wonderful expressions.
Children pick up their book boxes and choose a quiet area to explore books. The teacher also may read a story at this time. Books are a wonderful way to expand imaginations and develop pre-reading skills.
Outdoor Play
Our playground provides swings, slides, climbing structures, and sand.

Extended Day Option:
Children who stay for Extended Day will enjoy a lunch from home while socializing with friends and then have an opportunity to sleep.

Afternoon programming is child-directed, multi-aged, and ends with time on the playground, weather permitting.