Junior Preschool



The Creative Curriculum is our framework for planning and implementing a developmentally appropriate program. This play-based curriculum supports children as they acquire social skills and the skills needed to succeed as learners.

Step Ahead’s Junior Preschool Program offers an opportunity for your child to engage in play through flexible, structured activities. Play is the center of learning in our program. We support your child’s development by providing a wide variety of exciting materials to explore. This is a time for your child to make new friends and learn by doing, observing and experimenting.

A designated time is set aside during the year for a parent/teacher conference. This will encourage further communication about your child’s progress. Teachers will share a portfolio at conference time; parents will receive the completed portfolio at the end of the year. Portfolio assessment is a tool to demonstrate your child’s progress throughout the year. The portfolio documents your child’s learning and growth using photographs, teacher observations, sample work, and special activities.



Our Morning Program includes the following daily elements:

Outdoor Time
Our playground provides swings, slides, ladders, climbing structures, sand, and plenty of space. Outdoor time allows children to use the large muscles in their bodies. It also provides opportunities to observe changes in the natural world, including watching clouds, birds, insects and plants through the seasons.

Learning Centers
Children are encouraged to explore the learning centers in both classrooms: Blocks; Dramatic Play; Art, Library; Discovery; and Toys and Games. These activities are available on a daily basis; the props and materials are regularly refreshed to support the program goals and to stimulate continued interest.

Small Group Activities
Breaking into smaller groups allows the children to explore concepts on a deeper level. This is an opportunity for children to engage in indoor gross motor activities and focus on a variety of fine motor skills.

Meeting Times
Several times throughout the day, we gather together to greet each other, learn new songs, share a book, or participate in a hands-on story stretcher.

A nutritious snack is served at tables in the classroom where children practice social skills and learn to take care of their own needs.

Small Group Activities
The Junior Preschool Program accomodates and supports children during all stages of the potty-training process.

Extended Day Option:
Children who stay for Extended Day will enjoy a lunch from home while socializing with friends and then have an opportunity to sleep.

Afternoon programming is child-directed, multi-aged, and ends with time on the playground, weather permitting.